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Aesthetic Facial Surgery


When we see our profile where the chin is very backward , this can be solved by placing a prosthesis that we recover this pleasant way , usually the changes are immediate improving the profile and disposition of the lips. We accomplish this with different types of prosthesis either silicone or medpor . The scar is inside the mouth, leaving no external marks of this surgery . This surgery is most often accompanying the nose surgery .


Nose always going to be the focus of the face as it is in the middle , and all changes to suffer this will be reflected throughout the face. When we have that hump so upset , falling edge , broad nose , we can improve it 180 degrees, wincing falling edge at the same time we can refine , slimming the nostrils , removing the hump to leave a straight profile , straightening the bones if they are crooked , leaving very feminine and delicate , while preserving the characteristics of the patient. The concept of male beauty is different, male patterns are preserved without feminize .


When we enter the fifth decade of life the effects of gravity are going to be reflected in the fall of the cheeks, those wrinkles that age us so much, we lose the cheekbones are a sign of youth, and let us notice the edge of the jaw. Through a scar left in front of the ear under the pin , we can re accommodate the sagging muscles , falling fat and trim the extra skin , rejuvenate the face always keeping a natural image .


When we have fallen eyelid, which no longer allows us to read , or when we leave us bags bloated , or tired look this is the ideal surgery. Through scars on the eyelids are very unnoticed , we can cut the eyelid skin is left over , remove excess fat bag or re locate , leave a clear gaze and eyes juveniles.


This procedure involves leaving eyebrows again in the place where they used to be ; the effect of gravity also affects the position thereof , causing them to fall and let us those ? crows feet ? we do not like . Through very small scars in the scalp and the endoscope we can raise and give a more lasting effect can be fixed with wires anchored to the skull , to leave them in the desired location . This procedure is usually accompanied by blepharoplasty , since the eyes with eyebrows considered the same aesthetic unity .


For those round faces , you can remove pockets of fat that are below the cheek, this procedure can shape the face and make it look a more elongated shape.


Over time, we begin to notice the fine lines that we are formed to smile, to be sad and angry when we are applying this product can soften these lines, and improve the expression of our face and improve the way eyebrows. This is done in the office and the results begin to appear after 3 days and only you’d have to apply 2 times a year , cheer , ask for this product.


This surgery is being performed to correct prominent ears very , those without the normal curves and look flat or that are very detached from the head; usually the size of the ears is reached 90 % at 6 years of age , when children enter school , and will be in contact with other peers and when we have very big ears are going to annoy or we are going to put nicknames . This surgery is responsible for leaving them in a natural way , but close to the head , recovering the natural curves so they look normal .



When you have a lot of skin in the neck that obscures a nice contour profile is used this surgery , the scar is under the chin, the results are immediate , and the post surgical use must be a support for the area of the chin, so that the skin fits well .