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Body Aesthetic Surgery


As its name says is surgery to sculpt the body by manipulating adipose tissue or fat ; what we do is remove the leftover sites and put in places where it looks very nice , as in the buttocks . I think this is the name that best describes this procedure , usually done through very thin cannulas , which are connected to a sniffer , what it does is suck the fat . The results are spectacular , then finally an ideal body is achieved with waist, thick or rolls , the Derrien always wanted eradicate these rabbits so upset , thin arms , crotch, stopping more tail if they are sagging ; generally they can work almost all body parts.


This surgery is to beautify the abdomen or stretching , trimming the excess skin , making a new navel and tightening the muscles were loose after pregnancy. With this procedure the patient can obtain the abdomen that always dreamed , being flat, with an internal corset without the grooves are so annoying to us when we get fat or when we have children . The results are always very nice , because we have always dreamed of the plane , toned abdomen and navel sensational .


This is surgery done to increase the size of the buttocks , shaping the lower trunk and giving the perfect derriere . This area is one of the most important attractions of the female body . This can be achieved in two ways : Placing fat grafting , which we obtain through liposuction or through gluteal prosthesis; Each patient will have its own display and can choose the method you want, always getting very nice and natural results.


This procedure is to increase the size of breasts by placing breast implants , which can be placed behind the pectoral muscle or mammary gland depending on the patient, it is very important to individualize each case , since each patient is unique and anatomy varies one patient to another . They can usually be accommodated by a scar in the areola , armpit or inframammary groove, this site is also chosen in mutual agreement between the patient and the surgeon and is very important to individualize each case. The prostheses used are cohesive silicone gel , are resistant , have a natural consistency and retain their shape ; these prostheses are guaranteed for life by the manufacturer which gives the patient a security identification . Over time you can see a lasting result and that like any surgery depends a lot on after surgery care.


When the size of the breasts is so great that we produce back pain or do not find bra size , we can decrease the size of the breasts making leave in place a life-size to feel good and to remove the symptoms as bothersome . This is achieved by means of scars around the areola , and an inverted T .


Usually when a patient has had a big bust lifetime , eventually by the effect of gravity these breasts are going to end up falling , so does moms when they are lactating breasts increase in size and when it ends the hormonal influence of feeding these back to their original size, with sagging skin and full of stretch marks and sagging nipples. This surgery as the name says is to reaffirm the breasts and returning them to their ideal site , usually done through scars because we have to cut the excess skin and in most cases to give durability and a better result is necessary to place prostheses to recover the size lost. This is a spectacular surgery because the patient may recover breasts or improve and always had them standing and tight after them Fallen, flabby and without volume .


This surgery is used to cut extra skin of the arms when they are raised. Usually the result is great , and the scars left on the inside of the arms , so that they are hidden .


When we gain a lot of weight and become lost , these sharp fluctuations make the skin to stretch and become loose , usually at the level of the crotch. This surgery involves removing excess skin and fat around this area .