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Post Bariatric Surgery


At the moment, there is no content for this procedure.


This surgery is used to cut extra skin of the arms when they are raised. Usually the result is great , and the scars left on the inside of the arms , so that they are hidden .


This surgery involves cutting the skin is left of the crotch it is when people have lost enough weight . The results are very predictable and scars are hidden in the folds of this area. Patients are very satisfied with the changes, they will be able to use more tight clothes and wear a firm thighs , and a nice way to look at.


This is surgery done to increase the size of the buttocks , shaping the lower trunk and giving the perfect derriere . This area is one of the most important attractions of the female body . This can be achieved in two ways : Placing fat grafting , which we obtain through liposuction or through gluteal prosthesis; Each patient will have its own display and can choose the method you want, always getting very nice and natural results.


Usually when a patient has had a big bust lifetime , eventually by the effect of gravity these breasts are going to end up falling , so does moms when they are lactating breasts increase in size and when it ends the hormonal influence of feeding these back to their original size, with sagging skin and full of stretch marks and sagging nipples. This surgery as the name says is to reaffirm the breasts and returning them to their ideal site , usually done through scars because we have to cut the excess skin and in most cases to give durability and a better result is necessary to place prostheses to recover the size lost. This is a spectacular surgery because the patient may recover breasts or improve and always had them standing and tight after them Fallen, flabby and without volume .